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At The Mountain


    • Check in at the FLSC lodge table between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm. The mid-day check ensures that one of our chaperones has seen each member at some point during the day.

    • Ski under control at all times, adhere to area rules, and ski with a "buddy."

    • Only "Unrestricted" members are allowed to ski advanced Black Diamond or Terrain Parks.  Members must pass the FLSC ski test, and then a parent needs to sign a waiver.  CLICK HERE for more info.

    • Allow ample time to return to the bus AND be in your seat by the specified time of departure. Chaperones will announce that time on the bus ride to the mountain and during the lunch check in. If a member is unsure, it is their responsibility to ask a chaperone. Any late-comers will receive a detention on their next trip.


Call or Text: 347-7GO-SNOW Email:
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