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Skiers/Snowboarders must have equipment to join the Club. Those who do not own equipment must lease equipment for the entire season.

    • Individual trip rentals are not permitted.
    • Skiers must use poles and have releasable bindings. (if a skier is not using poles they Must wear wrist guards)
    • Helmets must be worn when on the mountain.
    • Snowboarders must wear wrist guards.

All equipment must have a written record of a safety inspection from a legitimate ski shop submitted to the Club at registration.
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It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to establish safety measures associated with skiing/snowboarding. Members may register as both skiers and snowboarders, but may take only one set of equipment per trip.

Members who want to use the Terrain Park must be Unrestricted, wear a helmet and snowboarders must also wear wrist guards.

The Club requires all members wear helmets on all slopes. Skiing and snowboarding are inherently dangerous sports. The severity of any head injury may be reduced or negated by a properly fitted helmet. The above rules have resulted in a dramatic drop in the number of injuries we experience each season. Members who violate any of these rules will be expelled immediately from the Club.


When the Club receives a completed registration, you will receive Fox Lane Ski Club labels for your equipment. The labels must be on your equipment in order to go on a trip. This remedies the unidentified equipment problem. Please attach the labels to equipment that is at room temperature. The labels won’t stick to freezing cold skis, boots and snowboards that have been sitting in the garage. Names must be written with a permanent pen.

Check equipment before every trip and request additional labels if needed. Members will not be permitted on the bus if gear is not labeled. Please also label coats, goggles & all personal items!

If equipment or clothing is lost or a member accidentally picks up someone else's gear, please provide specific details to immediately following the trip.

We will do our best to put lost together with found.

Call or Text: 347-7GO-SNOW Email:
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