Ski Tips

"How to Pass the Test"

1. Members should TAKE LESSONS! FLSC subsidizes the price of lessons in effort to encourage all level skiers/boarders to continue to improve with professional instruction. Lessons are offered to members for only $20.

2. SKI/BOARD IN CONTROL. Members need to demonstrate they can descend an expert trail under control with linked and balanced turns, plus the ability to stop under their command. (Downhill of any bystanders.)
3. Skiers need to know how to USE THEIR POLES. Straps should be on. Hands should be held in front/pointing downhill. (Holding a lunch tray is a useful reference.) Again, take lessons/watch some videos on use of poles as a turning, balance and propulsion aid.
4. BALANCED STANCE. It’s critical that body weight (shoulders, hips and hands) is kept square to the fall line and pushing forward. When weight twists or shifts back skiers/boarders quickly can get out control.
5. FLSC Evaluators first priority is SAFETY. If it is questionable that a member may not be able to stay in control on Black/expert terrain, they will not pass. Please help your student prepare to be a safe on the slopes. Take lessons, watch technique videos and log hours on the mountain.


The Fox Lane Ski Clubs first priority is that members are SAFE. Encourage your child to get a friend, or a group together, to take a lesson. All level skiers/boarders can improve or refine skills with professional instruction. FLSC believes so strongly in the benefit of lessons that we subsidize the fee to encourage members to participate. Lessons are only $20! 
If a member is signed up for a lesson, the expectation is that they take it.

There are many good instructional videos on YouTube. We encourage members to watch instructional/refresher videos pre & during the Season. Check out techniques for using poles, linked turns, being in control and more.