On The Mountain

• Between 11am and 1pm, all members must check in personally with the lodge chaperones at the Club Table.

• Skiers/Snowboarders must ski under control at all times; adhere to area rules,
  Club-rating system and use the “buddy” system.

• Any member that wants to ski advanced Black Diamond trails must pass a ski
  compentency test. Please click here for more information.

• All members must wear helmets & Club armbands while on the slopes. Armbands  have to be visiable on the arm (not the leg, the helmet, or boot).

• All members must be back on the bus at the specified time of departure.
  Chaperones will annonce that time during the trip to the mountian. Any
  late-commers, will be penalized one hour of skiing on the next trip.
The skier/boarder must pass the ability test to ski unrestricted, however the decision as to whether the status should be changed to "UNRESTRICTED” is the sole discretion of the member’s parent or guardian.