Interested in being a chaperone?  Please reach out to the FLSC President Christina Dochtermann  
Chaperones  must be proficient skiers/boarders and enrolled as a chaperone for consideration. 
Chaperones volunteer on a trip-by-trip basis by emailing between Saturday  Monday before the trip. You will be notified by Thursday if you are needed once we have an accurate count and have set trip responsibilities.


Chaperones provide supervision on the bus & mountain, they monitor behavior, patrol slopes, help in emergencies and administer the Club ability test.
Chaperones may ski when not otherwise engaged in their assigned duties and are expected to assist in patrolling the slopes.
Chaperones may not rent equipment at the mountains and must wear helmets + wrist guards for boarders.  It is important to note that student members do not ski in organized groups with chaperones.
The Club pays for chaperone bus fare and lift tickets. Chaperones with children below 6th grade may be eligible to bring them depending on pre-approval and availability.