Bus Conduct

Unruly conduct on the bus, or at the resort, will not be tolerated.

In event of breaches of behavior or failure to obey chaperones, students will be immediately dismissed from the Club.
Students must keep the bus and resort lounge clean and personal items labeled and organized.
Toilets on the buses are available for use only with chaperone permission.
All trips depart from the Rte. 172 facing parking lot of Fox Lane High School. Drop Off: Please be in the parking lot at precisely 6:15am at which time (not before) members may exit cars and board buses. 6th graders are encouraged to ride in Bus 1. New members in Bus 1 & 2.  Equipment must be labeled and in bags or straps. No loose equip (poles/skis) may board the bus.
**Members may not line up before 6:15am as chaperones are conducting a trip meeting. They are to board at precisely 6:15am.

Buses will return to Fox Lane High School at approximately 6:15pm. Parents must be on time or students will be prohibited from participating in the next trip. Students will call when we are about 20 minutes out.

Cars are advised to use the traffic light entering/exiting the FL Campus. Drive slowly/carefully in the parking lot. 
All members participating in a Club trip must ride up and back on the bus. We do not allow pick-ups at the mountain. Nor can the member meet us at the mountain and have the Club purchase him/her a lift ticket.
We Do Not wait for students upon departure.  Be precise & on time for members to board at 6:15am.