Membership in the FLSC is for  6-12th graders, middle & high schoolers,  Residing within
Bedford Central School District.
Members were accepted on a FIRST-to-REGISTER with COMPLETE Applications basis.  
JANUARY 21st to 
Should be a great day with hundreds of members in a caravan of buses.  
Remember to check Lost & Found and Gallery Tabs above after each trip.
*Check the fit of your boots, all gear and clothing. 
*label all gear & personal items
*Members should have a supply of hand & toe warmers in their lodge bag. 
*Northeastern conditions are typically quite cold. A full face mask, balaclava & or neck are all important layers.
*Skiers, ensure you have a system to carry your equipment & have a bag for skis/poles or a strap or bands to ensure poles are connected to skis during all transitions to/from the bus.
*Visit our Schedule section and tabs to each of our mountains. Read about the mountains and review their terrain maps.   
*Check out videos on our Ski Tips tab as well as YouTube. 
*Read all info under the Rules tab and informational brochure.
Please keep information current with the FLSC. If Medical Insurance, phone numbers or emails change, please email updated information to:
All Members & Families should carefully read content within this FLSC website; especially the RULES Tab & Download and read the
Members are encouraged to have a basic familiarity with the sport, know how to independently carry and use equipment as well as navigate a mountain.  
Registration for Trip 3 for
Sunday, January 28th
Opened Saturday, January 20th at
6am and Closes this
Tuesday, Jan. 23rd @ Precisely 4pm.
Details in member emails regarding NEW Terrain Park and Slalom Race Course Lessons.